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COD Management is there for players each step of the way. Our clients never get lost in the shuffle, we do not over-recruit. To all our clients and families, we are just a phone call away. 


Regardless of age, merit, or accomplishment, we treat all clients equally. We are fully invested in our players development, as we want to interact constantly, provide honest feedback, and be able to improve the players as best we can.

In the recruitment process, we focus on a selective amount of players and only recruit players we feel have elite long term potential. The plan is always strategic to the "best fit" for that specific player.  


With proper guidance and preparation, COD MANAGEMENT clients have received various awards, achievements, and success in many leagues. We want our clients and families to be prepared for all situations in hockey.


- Family Advising- (Compliant with All NCAA regulations)

- Draft Preparation 

- European and Major Junior Placement 

- Player Development (on/off Ice)

- Contract/Endorsement Negotiations. 

- Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations Assistance

- Post Career Planning

- Representation/Placement for Coaches

- Legal Counsel, Tax Services, Insurance Services, Financial Planning (Referral options to trusted companies not related to us) 

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